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Are you looking for a co-manufacturer for your dextrose
or chewing gum confectionery lines?

In questions of quality, transportation costs, warehousing, and of course competitive prices and qualified labor, Mexico is among the best options for private brand manufacturing, and within Mexico one of the pillars of the dextrose and chewing gum confectionery Co-Manufacturing is PISSA.

We are the best option for confectionery manufacturing.

  • For us, the most important priority is our client satisfaction, which is why we easily adapt to product, packaging, and cost needs.
  • Our structure allows us to transport production lines and plants, increasing their productivity and profitability.
  • We manage our processes to reach the highest level of cost effectiveness.
  • Our in-house machinery shop allows us to quickly respond to the needs of our production lines and new projects.
  • We are located in good an exceptional environment for confectionery manufacturing with easy access to international connections, qualified labor and important suppliers.
  • We are known for our superior ratings in process and facility quality audits AIB, BRC and ISO 9001.

  • We have a history of more than 31 years of success working together with our clients in the development of new products and transferals of complete production lines.
  • Our flexibility and organization prepares us to meet the specific needs of each client with a high level of confidentiality.
  • We boast and excellent reputation of providing support to our clients, from package reengineering and product design to machinery construction.
  • We have our own laboratory for development, formula improvement and production of our own gum base.
  • Our systems for follow-up of product and logistical support provide assistance to our clients in the areas of warehousing, transportation and customs documentation.
  • Our isolated and air-conditioned warehouse with a 5,000 pallet capacity allows our clients to reduce their warehousing costs and have their product with an immediate response time.



Our unbeatable facilities are our guarantee to offer the best product.